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I know Father’s Day passed, but i remembered seeing post after post on Facebook, twitter, Instagram reminding people to wish the single mothers a happy Father’s Day talking about #teamsinglemom; being single i’snt a team. Why the F$%&^ would anyone do that? They are mothers not fathers, and its not Single Mother’s Day. They are single mothers for more than one reason:

  1. They Chose the Wrong Guy
  2. They Choose to be single
  3. They keep the child away from the father
  4. They chose to Open their legs before marriage

Now i’m not trying to take away anything away from that hardworking mother who got fucked over by that asshole; they are not part of this group of single mothers i am talking about. Also don’t forget there are 365 days a year, 366 in leap year, we don’t need one day out of the year to make our parents feel important. Lets show them we care everyday, lets love them everyday, and if your parents are no longer with you keep them and all the good memories in your heart and mind.