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Why are most California Voters So Stupid? Its Mainly the San Francisco And Los Angeles Area Voters. Let me start with the dumb asses in San Fran. I’m sure you heard in the news about good o’l uncle Leeland Yee, a California Senator of District 8. He was indicted for gun trafficking and Public corruption, let me remind you that this guy wanted to take so called “assault weapons” from good law abiding citizens. Okay, so Mr. Yee was always presenting gun control bills to “protect” the California people, but he was Indicted for dealing illegal firearms to gangs! The same firearms that could have been used illegally to gun down kids at an elementary school, students at a college, OR maybe even used by drug cartels to kill thousands of innocent Mexican Citizens. Over 300,000 Voters voted for that guy.(smh) Let’s go to my fine city of Los Angeles where people riot over NBA championships, over a court ruling they don’t agree with, and a Soccer match that got mexico qualified to play in the round of 16 just to be knocked out the following match.How do most of them vote? Well most of those voters always vote for the ones who they think will give them the most “Free money”, you know the EBT, the tax write offs, more unemployment checks that sort of stuff. I’ve spoken to people who have admitted to not read or look into the propositions that will be on the ballot. They randomly vote for every Democrat, because “republicans are evil”, and any name that sounds familiar. I remember having one conversation Where i asked a lady; Did you Vote today? she answered “yeah”, Who and what did you vote for? “oh, the main things… you know, i don’t really remember.” Who did you vote for? “honestly i dont know, but i voted democrat though. Cuz these Republicans are just evil. They don’t want to give any help to us poor people.” LOL no Bitch they just want you to get off your lazy ass and work like the rest of us. Those are the worst of all. the ones that take advantage of benefits that are for people who are really in need, not lazy fucks who vote blindly just for “benefits”. But i will talk about them next time.

I just type as i think of random things to put here; so sometimes i get a little off topic and sometimes i forget about the topic completely, sorry I’m new to this. Before i forget here is another little interview i did just for this post:

  • Me: When was the last time you voted?
  • A: I don’t remember 
  • Me: Who or what did you last vote for?
  • A: Um I Don’t know… Obama and some school stuff
  • Me:When you see propositions on Ballot that you have no idea what they are about what do you do?
  • A:Ask people, i don’t know.
  • Me: OoooKay, When you see propositions on Ballot that you have no idea what they are about what do you do?
  • A: I read them.
  • Me: After you read the props what did you do next?
  • I voted on them
  • Me: Even though you didn’t understand them?
  • A:Well i read it, i just voted whatever.. i don’t remember.

After this she signed documents for an Insurance policy without reading them… (SMH)