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I’m an Insurance Broker and I deal with clients every day. Some are very nice, and others… well… ARE JUST ANNOYING! Let me start off with the one client that thinks they know everything. They ask for coverage like U/M (uninsured motorist), but when you try to explain to them what it is they interrupt rudely with “I know what U/M is; it’s when someone that is uninsured drives your car” then when you explain it to them again they say well my other agent said this and that. Sorry but they either 1 lied to you or 2 had no idea what they were talking about. Then they get upset with you because you are telling them what it really covers. The second client is the BUT WHY client; “Okay sir the price is $100 per month” Client: “But why is it so much!”… Really dude you have two DUI’s, your license is suspended, you have multiple traffic violations, and you live in LA. Are you really wondering why it’s $100 for liability or are you just dumb? Even the young ones ask why they are paying so much when they have 3 speeding tickets and are under 21 years of age. If you sell to the but why client you will hear that “but why” complaint a lot, like when their policy cancels and you have to charge them a late fee, plus some charge a reinstatement fee and they ask “but why is it cancelled? I’m only 15 days late. They didn’t even send me a bill!” Late is late! They didn’t send you a bill? If your mortgage company didn’t send you a bill does that mean you will never pay it? The other annoying one is the one that complains about making it a law to have Auto Insurance. I get really upset with that one and I explain it like this: Let’s say you are driving and you run someone over; don’t you think you are liable for their medical bills since you ran this person over? What if you kill this person? Do you have enough money to pay for someone’s funeral? If you hit a car can you pay to cover their damages? If you do then you don’t need insurance you can go to your local DMV, make a deposit with them and you won’t need to purchase insurance. Until then make sure you purchase insurance, don’t complain about insurance being to high, always ask questions about your coverage, don’t be late and if you are late DO NOT make excuses.

I didn’t feel like writing today about anything, I just got back from camping in a hot ass desert, so this was the best thing I could come up with. If you run into many grammar and punctuation errors i really didn’t feel like going over it.