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“There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done
Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung
Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game
It’s easy”

“Living is easy with eyes closed

Misunderstanding all you see
It’s getting hard to be someone
But it all works out
It doesn’t matter much to me”

“You say yes, I say no

You say stop and I say go go go, oh no
You say goodbye and I say hello
Hello hello
I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello
Hello hello
I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello”

The Beatles! The childhood memories of Summer break, Playing chess, playing in the backyard with my cousins, not having a worry in the world. While most kids were excited to play video games or Watching T.V. all day, Me and my two cousins were excited to wake up in the morning and listen to the Beatles while we play chess with our uncles, Tony, Richard, and Danny. Those days were awesome, we would play chess for hours and have competitions. I remember one of my uncles even bought an expensive chess set, it was made of glass, which one of my cousins accidentally broke a piece by throwing it… lol… i laugh because of my uncles reaction to when he saw the chess piece flying (picture it in slow motion) “Noooooo!”  You know,… even though my uncle Tony has a temper, I still have good memories with him, taking us to the movies, he even took us hiking once, we slept over his house after he just got married, that was fun. I remember he took us too an Easter egg hunt at his wife’s family’s house and he lied to my mother about it because since she was a Jehovah’s Witness she didn’t celebrate it and wanted me to take no part of it, one of my cousins mom was also a JW.. my parents and my aunt still are but me and my cousin are not. I don’t remember much of my uncle Richard taking us anywhere i just remember him always playing with us when we were playing with our toy action figures, just letting you know he was over 20 at the time already lol, he would always make us laugh our asses off! We also had my other uncle, uncle Danny, he would always take us places! Knotts, Six Flags, Movies, San Felipe, Laughlin, other places too that i don’t really remember. me and my family were always very close. The reason I’m writing this is because I was listening to the Beatles and all those memories came to my head… and i was sad and happy at the same time, sad because I cant go back to those times and happy because we got to experience them. Not many persons were lucky like us, not many can actually say they had a happy childhood.