So this is what the world has come to…

‘Accidentally’  sending nude pics of yourself to your father in exchange for some serious attention. And oh wait, also recording his reaction and posting in online for the world to see. 

What a repulsive story. It’s sad and pathetic that the media even feels the need to report these types of ‘incidents’ to the public. Way to add fuel to the fire…assholes. 

As the Oxyclean guy would say..”But wait!, there’s more!” 

Tv networks are actually reaching out to these ppl and offering them a reality tv show! (Because there isn’t enough trash on tv already)  that’s some serious stupidity if you ask me. How many more young ladies will follow in this fools footsteps? How many teenage girls have got pregnant on purpose to qualify to become part of this new ‘tv trend’ called Teen Mom on MTv? How many young…

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